Thursday, June 01, 2006


I have many stories to tell about my time up in Alaska. For now though I am safely at home and the events are wrapped in sheeves of notes, journals, pictures, letters, and memory. The sky was huge in Alaska, when you could see it. The sea was endless and the waves broke upon one another into the blurred horizon. At night when you could sea the sky, it seemed to have you pinned beneath it. The cold air, the pressure of the rising hull beneath your feet. I lived some full moments on the Bering Sea. Sweat, blood, tears, ice, salt, crab and round the clock vigilance. It was a blessing, a piece of something more.... One's heart beats harder and one may feel more alive when peering over the precipice into danger, it is anxious, often scary, but also quite exhilerating.... and and here I blabber safe and sound at home, Not to worry Sis, I will work it out, I will make more sense of my time up there that is worth sharing. It was only two seasons, 6 months of life on a crab boat but what an adventure it was. I'll keep writing.


At June 02, 2006, Blogger Chuck said...

Sounds most intresting.

At June 09, 2006, Blogger Sober In the City said...

Brother G: Tell me your stories. You are such a great writer!

PS...You have officially been promoted via my site. So to say thank you for the shout-out, could you fix your link to me? And add your other sis. In a family of 7 you can't play favorites:)

Love you!


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