Monday, November 21, 2005

A verbal ellipsis...

It is the strangest thing being connected to the outside world once again. I have been away from computers so long, which has been a blessing in many ways, that the medium has lost its appeal. I feel more comfortable now with a pen, with graphite and ink rather than pixelated words; Expressions that cannot be deleted at the touch of a button. And that is only after a month, geeze. I have so many reflections and letters written in my journal or left unfinished in my head at sea, yet now that I can finally send them off or write them here it is a like I have fizzled out. To sum things up, I have ridden a giant wave of experience and inspiration and as it ends I am left suddenly in a calm, spent, at ease, and ready to rest a bit before the next wave comes. I can feel it building, but for now my thoughts and concerns are elsewhere and I cannot turn them to the page. I recall what I thought while at sea, just as I recall other vivid experiences, relationships, encounters, adventures, from throughout my life, somehow all waiting to be told again. but for now the inspiration is on hold and I worry simply about getting home and seeing family and friends once again. Distilled further, I cannot wait to eat some pie, fall asleep in a real bed that doesn't buck on the swell and have conversations that don't involve 3 kinds of profanity. (though 1 or 2 is still acceptable though)Love you all.


At November 30, 2005, Blogger Emily said...

georg- you are quite eloquent even when you're saying you can't say anything.


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